Topic6 Coolest Instagram Story Features

  • Tue 20th Aug 2019 - 7:10pm

    Instagram comes with a lot of exciting features. Most of the users don’t know about them as they are hidden for naked-eye and demand particular gestures for use. The best options are mentioned over here for you. Step up your Instagram game by trying these excellent tips and tricks.

    1. Make a story from more than one pictures

    If you think you can post only one image on your Instagram story, you are wrong. It is possible to post multiple photos in at one time in a story. You need to have the desired pictures in the camera roll app and need to copy from there though. Go to Instagram and tap twice on your story and paste them over there. For adjusting the
    position and size, ideally, you need to use more than one fingers also.

    source: 6 Coolest
    Instagram Story Features in 2019

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